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Exam Prep helps comprehensive preparation of all exams. It has two main components:-


EXAM SIMULATOR :-  The topic and mock tests are simulated on extensive predefined parameters covering exam guidelines and previous year trends using computer intelligence and creating patterns near to examiner’s mind. As such the accuracy of test is good and results give accurate indications of success or failures in upcoming exams.

How is Exam Prep Different from Study Room

Study Room – Assessment For Learning:- Study Room is based on concept of Formative Assessments wherein assessments are used to enhance and speed up learning aided by Smart Learning, books, teacher and web. Learners have complete freedom to take help and fill gaps in their knowledge. Formative Assessments are more central to individual learning and as such learners are not graded. Even marks are yardsticks to measure individual performance and not for comparison/grading  It is Assessment For Learning.

Exam Prep – Assessment of Learning:- Exam Prep is based on concept of Summative Assessments. These assessment are typically done after student has completed the study of topics/subjects. These are used to evaluate or grade the students at the end of academic period or at pre-determined time. In competitive exams, the results of summative assessments are used to select the students for a course or job. The tests are in controlled environment with marking patterns and are to be completed in stipulated time. This is Assessment of Learning.

Courses Offered for Exam Preparation (costs mentioned on the website)

Engineering Entrance – IIT JEE, BITSAT, WBJEE, GUJCET and More

Medical Entrance – NEET UG

Other Exams – CUET, CLAT, BBA, NDA and More

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