Self Assessor

Self Assessor

SELF ASSESSOR is a formative assessment system that helps student create own assessment on any topic or keyword which student has studied.

Once the assessment is created, the student tries to answer questions in assessment created by themselves from already acquired knowledge on that topic.

Suppose the student does not know answer to a question, the student can pause SELF ASSESSOR and search correct answer either using SMART LEARNING which can be invoked at the question level itself or taking help from books, teachers, internet
or friends. 
There are no time restrictions in SELF ASSESSOR.

Create Free Self-Assessments

SELF ASSESSOR IS NOT A TESTING SYSTEM. It is QUICKEST method to identify gaps into your acquired knowledge and fill the gaps there and then. This is Assessment for Learning (AFL)

Student should endeavor to answer 100 percent questions in SELF ASSESSOR.

Every new assessment on same topic in SELF ASSESSOR will have new set of questions

#Note : There will be no ready answer. The student has to himself put effort to
search correct answer. This is called a long-lasting learning method.