Points to Ponder for Parents

Studies After School Hours

What happens if Student Goes to Coaching Institution After School Hours:-

Let’s understand this with illustration on a day in life of 11th and 12th grade Science Student

Studies at School

The student reaches the school in morning for studies. That day the school teaches in

Physics – Motion in one Dimension, Chemistry – Atomic Structure

Mathematics –  Trigonometric Functions, Biology -  Cell Structure

In the afternoon, your ward reaches at home, sleeps and goes to coaching institution in evening

Studies at Coaching Institute

Your ward reaches the school in morning for studies. That day the coaching institute teaches in

Physics – Transfer of Heat, Chemistry – Chemical Bonding

Mathematics –  Complex NumbersBiology -  Heredity

End Result

Your ward will not understand any topic in totality and may even get confused and tired

Just Analyse – By paying money to expensive coaching institute, have you helped your ward ?

It is possible that instead of helping your ward, you may have contributed at decreasing the performance of your ward. Paying money to expensive coaching institute will not solve the problem but may aggravate it. The natural performance of your ward may decrease from 80 to 70 percent and you may not be even Please think.

What is way out?

Let’s understand this

When a topic is taught to your ward in the school, on an average a student understands it say to a level of 35%, even if taught by the best teacher. The problem is not with teacher but capacity to understand the concepts by a young brain. For example, even if Newton himself teaches Newton’s laws of motion in a class, the average learning/understanding of the class may be to level of 35%. The concept that MK Sir, PK Sir, DK Sir or XYZ Sir can teach more effectively is a myth, more hype than truth, a mere advertisement.

The truth is that your ward will understand the concept more effectively when he/she learn it themselves. One time teaching is more than sufficient.

Let’s try to explain this important concept with an analogy

The teacher explains to the students ‘How to ride a bicycle’, or shows a video on the same

But when will the students learn to ride the bicycle. When he/she will ride the bicycle by themselves and  fall once or twice before perfecting. The teacher/mentor job now merely is to hold the carrier of bicycle so that they do not fall frequently.

The same is true with studies. Once taught, the student have to learn themselves. Say in first time teaching, the student understands 35% of the topic. The student now has to read/learn themselves from books/videos to improve to learning level of say 60 to 70 percent. There is a system Smart Learning to help students study from best of videos and study material consolidated at one place rather than wasting their time in browsing websites

Thereafter the student usually stops studying the topic as they feel that they have understood it completely. Here a system is required to tell student ‘What is not known to them in the said topic’ and help the student know the unknown and fill the gap in knowledge for the said topic. This is done by method of Self Assessments where students can increase their knowledge beyond 90 percent.

Self Assessor  - Self Assessments and Formative Assessments

The Self Assessor helps students to create their own assessments on topics and understand what is not known to them. They can now learn what is not known to them from their  own books, video, Google, friends or teachers/mentors. This has been discussed in detail under our write up on ‘How to Self Assess’

My Teacher Help - Doubt clearing on areas not understood by students themselves 

The teacher job after first teaching is to help student learn themselves (remember to hold carrier of bicycle and let student ride the bicycle). Teachers are added and linked to each studentsfor subjects they are studying. This is achieved by a system ‘My Teacher Help’.  While doing self assessments, student may not be able to find answers to all their problems and doubts despite best efforts. ‘My Teacher Help’can track and resolve in online and offline mode the questions/problems not getting solved by the students. This saves time of students and teachers both and doubts are cleared.

The doubt clearing sessions can be online or offline either by School Teachers or Coaching Institutes.

There is no need to teach same topic twice to students with different set of teachers. One time teaching is enough. Second time is wasting their time. Initiate Self Learning by providing tools and help. Let them learn to ride their bicycle themselves.